C-470 and Alameda – Get the Facts:

Thank you for visiting the C-470 and Alameda website. Learn more about the Rooney Valley properties, the proposed project, and the work with the community that has gone into the rezoning near Dinosaur Ridge...


The Property

The properties at the C-470 and Alameda interchange have been zoned for commercial development for nearly ten years. Community plans throughout the years have recognized the importance of this interchange and the properties’ role in serving nearby communities, Dinosaur Ridge and the County as a whole.


The Plan/Rezoning

The plan for the properties is to blend an appropriate and beneficial mix of uses for each corner. The changes to the zoning are minor and the proposed applications contain many new and important restrictions on design, lighting and hours of operation, etc...


Dinosaur Ridge

The property owner has worked hard to ensure the Dinosaur Ridge and the Visitor’s Center will have a prosperous future...



Isn't the site zoned for open space? No. All four corners of C-470 and Alameda have been zoned for commercial development since 2007. Since 2011, the Jefferson County Comprehensive Master Plan has designated this site as the C-470 and Alameda Activity Center...



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C-470 and Alameda